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I really....... Really hate whats going on in life. Im confused. I need someone who really knows whats going on in this so called world of ours. From this conspiracy to whipe out 80 - 90 % of us.... yeh I just dont Frackin Know.So yeh, if you know, leave yur opinion below. Ok whats new in my life...... Work mostly. I guess i'm pretty lucky to even have one. Especially with this recession we're in.

Aight, we'll leave me a message. Could use some advice......


(Don't ask me whats up with the pic. Just funny)

Just Saying Whats On My Mind

Ok, Hey Guys. Whats up? Same crap, eh? Well, Atleast weve got swine flu and World War 3 To look forward to. Anyways, heres A funny pic, just to make you smile.

And Remember Kids. Say No To One World Government. Wait..... Ah Crap. To Late.

I thought It Was Time For A Post

This Fucking China Bull Shit Is Pissing me Off! >=|

**Profile Update**

2008-10-03 12:36:06 by xXBladeTrogunXx

Hey guys. I know its been a while since i've made a journal post. So yea. Just an update, I've been working on a story that I intend to put into flash. No I wont be using any sprites, if thats what your asking. I plan on creating a FF Series flash. Anyways....... I'll give you guys an update when I can.

The One And Only,

Blade Trogun

Ahhhhhh. Even though valentines day has come and gone. Lady Love has struck my door. I hate to brag about it on newgrounds, but I just cant hold it. This is us. The love of my life. Anyway................ YEAH! *Starts Dancing*

Love. It Was Made For Me And Her.

Hey Can Anyone Possibly Help Me Convert some of my music from .mid to mp3 format? I made some songs long ago I thought I'd put up.

Well, After 8 years of watching Newground's videos, and i've finaly decided to Sign Up. Anyway, I want you all to know that I WILL use this account to submit only good Flash Work. Anyway. its 12 am. Z-z Gnight Newgrounds!